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'What you limit, you limit in yourself.'


Serge Benhayon

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations II



This is Lee Green.

Lee Green loves seeing the world in its many varied and different forms. Seeing the ways that life has brought us all to a point fascinates and amuses him. How much we allow seeming circumstance to tell us that - that's just how it is. It's not ever just that of course and observing life through a lens or a keyboard has allowed Lee to start to see through the veil. There is much more to life than form yet it is this form life that starts to reveal itself as not the way...

Working his whole career in restaurants in Europe and Australia, hospitality has been a way through which he has connected to the fact that life is about people. Meeting, working and being with people in his work environments has fostered and developed his natural care for humanity. A small frame yet a huge heart, walking into his business you can feel the love with which he holds his team and his customers - the regulars adore him for being down to earth and ever supportive.

'Community starts in our own back yard.'

This website is a collection of experiences, realisations and observations shared with you through articles, photographs, stories and tales that will let you see and feel the world that Lee lives in. Where living simply is his everyday, having fun is part of the deal and loving and joy-fully sharing himself is - well - simply how he rolls.

Lee Allan Green
Full Moon
Lee Allan Green





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Built with much appreciation to Sally Green and Madeline Lynch for support with photography & editing whilst being the amazing women you are.

Thank you.💖


Photography & writing by Lee Green.


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