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Harmony & Unity

Disparity and issues on a micro level are seemingly now being played out on a world scale. Is it possible that for a long, long time the individual that we are seeks and searches for ways to confirm the individuality that is sold as the world product.

The theory that the more we learn, the more we can have access to, giving us access to the untold prizes and gold coins that will provide us with the appropriate and best possible material goods that say Yes I have arrived.

We want more and more and we strive for less and less effort to get the more and more. Recent world events provokes us in a way that hasn't happened in a long time and it feels fair to say that - it is needed and welcomed. Note here - this is not a backing of its efficacy or morality - indeed personal opinion aside - for all of the earth shattering quakes and tsunamis, for all the poverty and death, for all the war in the world that never ceases - is it possible that the one nation that has stood at the top of the mountain (self declared) is finally on to something?

Is it possible that the President of the USA is actually displaying everything that we have equally sought from our comfortable armchairs. The living out 'in full' of the individual drive, desire, self-centred, destructive, possessive positioning we have all chosen - be it on a differing levels?

Is it possible that we are witnessing what it actually is like when we all sit and say yes by not saying NO - that we are seeing the outplay in a truly grotesque manner of what happens when we dismiss harmony and unity as something out of reach. Of something not possible?

What we have missed and not heeded in the years and years - not months or weeks - but years and years of complacency is just that - our own individual drive, desire, self-centred, destructive, possessive positioning being orchestrated to get what we want at any cost as long as we have this and that and can do this or that.

A new wall was assembled yesterday - one that not only further separates the nation of the USA with the rest of the world - but one now that we all have our hands in - a wall we helped to shape and build.

One that we allowed to be built by living in a way that supports this — by staying small, meek and by choosing to eke out what we all individually needed rather than stopping and feeling the fact that we are all ONE.

We always get the booby prize — for it is us that will now need to work extra hard, with extra effort, commitment and dedication to disassemble. Brexit and Trump - different cards - same deck.

Our task now is to disassemble and rebuild a true foundation of harmony and unity.

The world is one.

It revolves as one.

It is one planet within a universe of many.

...And yet we insist on carving and shaping out our own special bit.

It hasn't worked to date. It won't work ever.


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