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In flow or out of flow

It occurred to me that there are movements in my working years that are often in flow or out of flow. Let me explain here to give you a broader understanding.

Have you ever gotten up after a sleep and started to organise yourself for your day and everything feels out of place? You feel like you are walking through mud, you drop stuff, you forget stuff whatever it may look like it doesn't seem to flow. Out of flow.

The flip side.

The sleep you have is amazing, yet you knew this would be the case before you went to bed, you get up and your body feels light and upbeat ready for the day, you are organised and things fall into place. In flow.

Now these two scenarios can happen to us all the time flipping from one to the other perhaps or staying 'stuck in the mud' so to speak with the odd day of respite every so often.

Whatever it may be for you - it's key to accept and not judge.

There are a few things we can look at - how we put ourselves to bed, how we worked during the day, how we ate, what we ate, how we talked, walked, sat or stood - every detail has an impact on our body and consequently how our body moves and feels the next day and the next day and the next day after that...

What we choose to change in our daily rhythm, and how we choose to honour ourselves has an effect - we see the results - inflow or out of flow?

What about work?

Interestingly work is not a separate act - a large chunk of the day we have to go to and do. It also seems many of us don't make the connection that the way we live actually affects the way we live and consequently the way we work. It seems we don't like to feel this level of responsibility.

And so as a result we look for different jobs, push through what we do, storm after a result, a win or even worse settle because it's all we know and slowly allow the bitterness to rise...

The truth is we can reinvent our whole lives by looking closely at what we do, day by day and moment by moment. How we are right now supports how we are next...

How do we do this?

We can learn to stop and connect to our bodies and one of the best ways I have found to do this is through the gentle breath meditation as presented by Universal Medicine. It has supported me to stop the noise that takes up so much space, has allowed me to feel how I walk, move, sit, work etc.

Am I invested, over excited, stimulated and out of control or calm, collected and focused?

Having this information lets me choose how to get ready for sleep, how to get up and get ready for the day and how to choose how I want to work.

Truly very simple and completely up to me.

You can connect to the amazing free meditations on UniMed Living.


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