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Organisational Harmony

Developing to be better, more successful and triumph seems to be the way we as individuals and organisations pit ourselves against others. Invariably competition has been championed as creating an elite level which dilutes down as the pool gets larger. You may have experienced this at school, university, in your first job and consecutive career choices. It happens when we are presented with a choice to step up and over another in the quest to fulfil the driving momentum we have chosen way back when. The education system is completely geared to this competitive advancement.

Most of us can sidle behind the protection (misplaced and false) that this is just the way the world is. Both men and women have been trained to leave others behind in the name of excellence.

How does this really work in an organisation?

If we assume that others are more important are we not missing out on the full potential of many?

What if there was a space and place for everyone to step up and lead, bring excellence and quality to what was needed not to earn the right to be at the top but because the organisation and it's focus was on serving all inside and out.

Revelatory stuff right?

When I saw this daisy shining brightly on the verge - it's very easy to just look at the bright orange petals and forget the foundation that this springs from. The dense, strong and hardy green foundation that has held and nurtured the stalk and new flower to shine at this moment is similar to an organisation or a business in that at anyone time that strength and solidness supports decision making and correct strategy so that the one (the flower) opens and expands at the right time with the true support it needs. Nature is the perfect reflection for this and something to look out for and appreciate.

It is all to easy for us to celebrate one over all - further fostering this false setup that there are those that 'have' and those that 'have not'.

We all have something to bring as we are all parts of the same puzzle - harmony and support will enable each and every one of us to shine.


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