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Multi-Tasking: Where is my body truly at?

My current work regime is very different to how I first started in the hospitality industry some 25 years ago. I sit mostly behind a desk and manage my teams - this relatively sedentary working style always used to be a goal of mine back when I was running around a restaurant floor co-ordinating waiters, runners, guests and duty managers - it was physical and demanding yet I knew exactly where I was at.

Completely exhausted.

The thing is I have been noticing how tired I can get working as I do in front of 2 screens, phone to ear most of the time and with an inbox that never retreats.

What has really got me pondering is the fact that if I am less physical in my actual job what then is actually exhausting me?

As a student of Universal Medicine I have gained great insight into my body and what and how it is when I add or subtract activities, foods, drinks, emotions and work. It is amazing what you uncover when you start to truly look at your body and the effects the things you do to it start to have if they are unchecked or left to run by their own steam.

No one essentially at the wheel.

So what is multi- tasking?

Is it possible that this seemingly innocuous term has got me tired?

Could it be that to continually ask the body to cope with the constant darting from one task to the next and back again is facilitating the steady drain of my life force, my energy?

I have started to test this out with quite amazing results - if I commit completely to a task and complete whatever is needed without expectation, rush or a frantic anxious deadline rush - I don't get the same buzz and drop - (no different to a sugar high and plummet) that is I don't feel unable to move steadily to the next task. Nothing holds me to the task before, my head is clear and I am fully committing to the next thing.

If I choose to dart, duck and weave around a to-do-list then my productivity drops even though I can be very convincing in my head that I am getting a lot done...this is just not true.

The end result is an ineffective and exhausted member of the team that has nothing else to share. And yet we champion this way of working in the vain hope that the more we can do or be seen doing the more valuable we are...

Our bodies respond to the regulation and temperament of steadiness, completion and little to no stimulation. Benefiting all by taking care of you at work is vital, it inspires others, takes productivity to whole new level and brings harmony to all.

Worth checking out for yourself ?

Visit Unimedliving for more support and amazing insight.


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