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I’ve heard the word appreciate a million, maybe even a billion times – does it make it clearer to understand the more I hear it – not really – it actually starts to grate on me that I haven’t got this all together sorted. Come on its what men do – we buckle down and get the answer - the solution has to be in the bottom of the box – surely?

As a youngster, there is an irreverence to appreciation that sort of gets you off the hook –thank you – misused to appease and not often to truly appreciate anyone or anything. These days however even the irreverence to appreciation is lost in a generation of mobile amusements. Where would anyone of us be if it wasn’t for grandma’s constant reminders to us or the grand kids to say thank you to the man at the till...who knows what the next years hold for us all.

And yet the constant drilling of this surface appreciation, ‘thank you’ stood me in good stead – I was able to easily say ‘thank you’ to the drug dealer, the bar keeper, the night club owner, the late nights, the girls and the music. Easily saying ‘yes please and thank you’ to a whole raft of things that my grandma would be rolling over in her grave at. This evidently has not been or never was true appreciation.

Some years back I was reminded of a boy that was very aware and had a great understanding of the world and its colours, shapes and cycles.

  • I was reminded of a time when reading or clocking the actions of others was part of the daily makeup of the day.

  • Reminded that there was no need for judgement if you held your awareness and went with the flow of your body.

  • Reminded of a time when sitting with yourself was effortless and lovely and a wonder in and of itself.

  • Reminded that the time has come to ask that boy to be the man that is needed in a world where everyone says thank you to things that harm, abuse, keep us small and hurt.

  • Reminded that, that man is like an iceberg and that under the surface is a foundation, ageless, wise, vast and expansive.

  • Reminded that each and every person on this earth has access to the same ageless wisdom.

I was reminded of all of this and so much more by a man that walks heaven on earth. Whom stands in a man’s body but who anchors in the universe to share the truth and wisdom that we are all from. It is with Serge Benhayon’s never-ending support, love and deep care for all of humanity that I and many others, have started to look below the surface. The appreciation for myself, humanity and for the world is deepening and much like the tip of an iceberg, I am realising that there is so much more for me to appreciate.


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